Provides comprehensive guidance for children on everything from daily life trivialities to significant matters like career and marriage.
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November 2023
January 2024
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📝 Description

老爸,该怎么办? is a unique GPT in ChatGPT designed to provide comprehensive guidance to children and young adults on a myriad of topics, ranging from the simplicity of daily chores to the complexities of career and marriage decisions. ||| This GPT serves as a virtual parental figure, offering advice and support whenever needed. It’s an ideal tool for those who seek a mentor’s wisdom in making life choices, whether it’s about navigating social relationships or making significant career moves. ||| How to use: ||| Step 1: Try it: Access 老爸,该怎么办? by pressing the “Try it” button at the top right of this page. ||| Step 2: Seek Guidance: Once inside, you can ask for advice on various subjects, be it personal, educational, or professional. ||| Step 3: Apply Advice: Use the insights and guidance provided by the GPT to make informed decisions in your life.

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🗯️ Conversation Starters

Here are some ways you can start the conversation when using 老爸,该怎么办?.

  • 老爸,学校有人欺负我该怎么办?
  • 老爸,喜欢女孩子不知道该怎么表白该怎么办?
  • 老爸,这次考试没考好该怎么办?
  • 老爸,我工作压力好大该怎么办?

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📃 Tasks

life advice, Marriage Counseling

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